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It’s Good News Week!

Here is the good news we have been waiting a long time to share.. We have found a house to rent for our family for at least the first 2 years. We are so thrilled. At last everything has come together - the timing, the position, the goodwill of both the owners and the estate agent and so much more. We would like to continue to let this happen quietly, as if it was any other change of tenancy  to give the family the chance to arrive and settle gently. There will certainly be celebrations, but  all in good time! They will need time to make the transition. We also ask that they are not  referred to as 'refugees' or ‘the refugee family’ so that they are free to become part of the  community as the family they are. We are not making public the address for the same reason. Obviously if you want to help  practically we will let you know where to come! We will continue our search for a house that can be a long term home, but for now this one is  perfect. It is in a quiet residential str

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